Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Haleznut Cupcakes w/ Mocha Hazenut Mousse Filling

I was really impressed with these lil lovelies. The mousse was so rich and delectable with a bit of Kahlua and espresso inside. The cake itself was extremely good as well, and I would consider it even mildly healthy due to it containing ground flax seeds and brown sugar. Inside the cake was also cinnamon and a wee bit of Kahlua liquor. Very yummy! When the cupcakes were finished baking I lightly brushed them with some more Kahlua and patiently waited for the ganache to cool down. I stuffed them as full as possible with mousse and topped them with the ganache and sprinkled carmel brulee to finish them off.

I made sure the husband and I ate a few, and then gave the rest to Zoombie and the rest of the crew over at "DEATH OR GLORY TATTOO". Zoombie had a few hours prior finished a piece on my arm so I thought I'd give em some sweets. Gotta take care of your tattoo artist!

Now I get to finish off the remainder of the mousse mmmmmmm!

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