Thursday, March 11, 2010

Double Chocolate Chip with Pomegranate AND Chocolate frosting, topped with Ganache spackle!

So last night I had the hugest craving for something oozing with chocolate and thought pomegranate would be a good combination with the chocolate. I love fruit and chocolate together- sooo good! I also LOVE pomegranate so VOILA. These hot little babies would definitely be the cure for any chocolate cravings one may have. I added chunks of semi-sweet chocolate into these little morsels before putting them into the oven and also some pomegranate flavoring to the mix as well. Originally I was wanting an all pomegranate frosting but I decided to add chocolate to it and make it even more delish! To top it all off I made some ganache and drizzeled it on top of the mound of heavenliness. I will definitely be making these again and they made my home smell like warm hearted brownies. Loved it!

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