Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"The Big Lebowski" in a cupcake

So one of my favorite films is definitely "The Big Lebowski" John Goodman's character in that movie is my all time favorite of his work, at least in my opinion. If you've seen the movie then your well aware of The Dude drinking white russians all throughout the movie. I wanted to capture "His Dudeness" in a cupcake hence the white russian cupcake. It has a coconut buttercream frosting to match with the kahlua inside the cake. The cake has both kahlua, vodka and cream (coconut cream that is) inside of it. I attempted to try and layer the cake the bottom half with kahlua the top with cream/vodka but it didn't get the defined line I was hoping for. But you still see in the pictures that there is a difference in the colors of the cake. So I give honor to you Dude with a cupcake!

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