Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fruit Tart Cupcakes

I was browsing recipes and came across this one the other day and I knew that I had to get to bakin. I had some issues making the custard. I actually substituted the custard for instant vanilla pudding with soy creamer. Only to find out after trial and error that the soy creamer just wasn't enough substance for the pudding to get thick. So my lovely husband went on a adventure to four different grocery stores trying to find another packet of pudding to add to the original mix.
Long story short I added the extra box to the original mix and it came out awesome! So voila I had fun making these and my husband had fun eating 3 in a row and is now lying in bed unable to breathe because he is so full of cupcakes. Mission accomplished.

I came across this cute poem while searching the deep abyss also known as the internet

I miss my cupcake
where has it gone
i wish it were here
at the wave of my wand

we've been through alot
we were together til the end
i was even there to help him
when strangers ate his freinds.

im the one who gave him life
he was created by my hands
i dressed him up in sprinkles
it was the cupcakes latest trend

where could he be hiding
i cant find him at all
but wait i see a sprinkle trail
leading down the hall

i followed it with joy
cause i thought i finaly found him
what i found was a murder
what a ghastly aweful sin

i began to look for the killer
but just couldnt find him
i turned and saw a mirror
there were crums upon my chin....


Examples of past work...

Bananner split cupcakes!

Pumpkin head cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!

Valentines box of mini cupcakes(some of the candies do contain gelatin, I can leave them on or off it is your choice)

Chocolate mint cupcakes with ganache!

Tiramisu cupcakes with kahlua and espresso tonic and cream cheese frosting!

Snickerduderino cupcakes with honey cinnamon frosting!

I call em the "I don't give a Hoot cupcakes"
chocolate cupcakes with chocpeanuttery frosting!

Chocolate love bombs for valentines day with cream cheese frosting!

Double chocolate cupcakes with ganache and espresso buttercream frosting!

Roasted toasted coconut cupcakes with espresso buttercream frosting!

Strawberry wish I was tall cupcakes!