Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vegan Donuts


These were fabulous, tremendous in fact, no-no-no stupendous!!!

Yes I specialize in vegan cupcakes but I have been wanting to experiment with vegan donuts as well. And these were a complete success and as far as I know I'm the only baker here in Fresno to be able to offer them at the moment. Which is good for all of us who have to walk in shame when we see an array of beautiful donuts and are unable to have them due to the dairy and eggs that accompany them. But fear not and don't be blue dearies Sweet Elites knows your pain and is here to save the day. Yes I do in fact know how cheesy that line was but eh I love cheesy ridiculous things.

 Soooo for the toppings I used chocolate of course, and a light pink buttercream for the classic Homer Simpson looking donuts-he'd be so proud,  powder sugar, and coconut that was first dipped in coconut oil (oh so yummy) and then topped with coconut flakes. 

The dough was sweet, airy and kick-butt delicious just how donuts should be! 

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