Friday, March 25, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011

I was saddened by the loss of the last of Hollywoods Golden Age actresses. She was an amazing woman her beauty, talent, and humanitarian efforts will continue to live on though she is not.

One of my all time favorite films is hands down Cleopatra. Being obsessed with Ancient Egypt I was introduced to the film when I was 9 years old or so. What can I say Barbies weren't really my thing mummies, exploration and the mysteriousness of ancient past was what I found intriguing. I idolized her even at that age and still do, I thought she was so statuesque and amazingly beautiful in the film. She had a beauty to her that was all her own and that can never be replicated. I feel that had a big impact on my life as weird as that may sound, she was different and I appreciated that.

So in honor of Liz I baked some cupcakes feeling as though I owed it to her.

I made a classic cupcake for a classic woman. A vanilla cupcake with a violet shaded buttercream for Taylors famous violet colored eyes, sprinkled with purple sugar and a few sugar pearls for her love of jewelry.


  1. I love your way of remembering her! saw your cupcakes on 'cupcakes take the cake' and I really feel the classic cupcake suits her well. they look perfect.

  2. This is just a beautiful tribute to a great lady. Well done, I just love the look of these cupcakes and the sugar pearls are such a great touch.
    I'm sure they also taste fantastic.

  3. Thank you ladies I appreciate your kind words. I'm glad that you both share my love for cupcakes and for Elizabeth Taylor as well!