Thursday, September 30, 2010

Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

I started with a moist chocolate cake substituting 1/2 of the soy milk with Kahlua coffee flavored liqueur. While waiting for the cupcakes to cool I made some caramel. Caramel was fun, it was a waiting game mostly with the candy thermometer. So as I was waiting for the caramel to get to it's specific needed temperature I watched "Who's That Girl" a classic 80's film starring
Madonna- LOVE HER!!! So good times while making the caramel! Then it came time to start whippin up the frosting. I chose to do a dark chocolate frosting. It's a deep, dark satiny frosting and it has a wonderful sheen to it. So after putting the whole hot-mess together with the caramel center hiding under the piped peak of satiny chocolate frosting, I topped it off with some sea-salt. The salt draws out the caramel's (vegan) buttery taste and highlights the sweetness.

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