Thursday, February 25, 2010

I came across this cute poem while searching the deep abyss also known as the internet

I miss my cupcake
where has it gone
i wish it were here
at the wave of my wand

we've been through alot
we were together til the end
i was even there to help him
when strangers ate his freinds.

im the one who gave him life
he was created by my hands
i dressed him up in sprinkles
it was the cupcakes latest trend

where could he be hiding
i cant find him at all
but wait i see a sprinkle trail
leading down the hall

i followed it with joy
cause i thought i finaly found him
what i found was a murder
what a ghastly aweful sin

i began to look for the killer
but just couldnt find him
i turned and saw a mirror
there were crums upon my chin....


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